Belarus Phishing Expedition Virus attack


We are witnessing a spike in the number of security threats in South Africa. This week, we have experienced a new attack in South Africa, namely the “Belarus Phishing Expedition”.

Customers affected will have malware imbedded into their network via an email. Once data is collected/harvested by the perpetrators they will try to use the data to convince the individual to pay their ransom; having convincing detail on sensitive information that no one wants to have leaked. The attack does not discriminate and targets consumer all the way to large businesses.

7 Steps to Prevent being Affected by Belarus Phishing Expedition Virus

1. Ensure that all software patches are installed and updated to allows for vulnerabilities to be mitigated

2. Ensure that the Firewall AV and IPS inspections, as well as web filtering engines, are turned on to prevent the malware from being downloaded, and to ensure that web filtering is blocking communications back to the attacker’s command and control servers

3. Educate computer staff to be extremely diligent when opening attachments and links embedded in emails (main entry point for this type of ransomware)

4. Ensure your email security solution has the functionality to mitigate ransomware attacks (AVG)

5. Don’t enable Macros (malware code might be embedded) and ensure you know  the party who has sent you attachments and links

6. Ensure you have reputable security services (network, email, and endpoint) installed to prevent these from getting into your network – if you have one in your organisation

7. Ensure all your important data is backed up and a copy stored off-site, with a reputable provider.

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